Mane, USA has applied to establish a chemical mixing and manufacturing facility in Morris Plains, "The Community of Caring".

The results are in...the board said no to mane!

Thanks to our Planning Board and the efforts of our community!

The planning board voted during a final special meeting.  After hearing additional testimony from citizens and from our Board of Health, the board heard moving comments from our citizens.  The results are in and the planning board in fact voted to deny Mane's application.   See the article in the Daily Record  for some additional details.  


We've enjoyed an important victory in this effort to keep our community safe and healthy. However, there's still much more to do.  Please stay connected on Facebook and via our email mailer to see how you can continue to remain active in shaping the direction of our community.  For example, be part of the town's  Master Plan revision efforts,  vote in the upcoming elections and get others involved too.  

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Environmental Impacts

Mane has minimized the impact of bringing 1,600 chemicals into our community.  Learn more about the potential environmental impacts.

Health Impacts

Even small amounts of chemicals over a long period of time can impact the health of our citizens.  Learn about the risks here.


Chemicals smell.  Without proper protocols or protections in place, odors caused from this facility can permeate our town. Learn more here.

Traffic Impacts

Mane’s proposed facility will significantly increase tractor trailer and truck traffic into and through Morris Plains. Learn about issues and risks here

Noise Impacts

Manufacturing operations require the use of industrial air handling and exhaust systems, in addition to noises caused by trucking, shipping and receiving operations.  Learn more here.

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