Health Impacts

Health Impacts - Know the Facts

Under the application, this facility will house 1,600 different chemicals and compounds.  Our own Morris Plains Board of Health has publicly stated their opposition to this application and has put their recommendation to deny this application in writing to the Planning Board for fear of adverse impacts to our community's public health.  This is a very uncommon occurrence and one that the Public's expert planning consultant has advised the board seriously consider.  

We have summarized some of the  chemicals included in Mane's application by cross-referencing it with governmental databases to show examples of the kinds of toxins, carcinogens and hazardous substances this facility will spew into our small town's air.   

In Europe, there are 26 compounds on an EU restricted compounds list -- 17 of these chemicals are on the list to be used at Mane's proposed facility.  These are chemicals known to cause human health issues and according to the EU Scientific Committee for Consumer Safety can trigger disease that "can be severe and generalised, with a significant impairment of quality of life and potential consequences for fitness for work".

Mane states the chemicals are in such small quantities that they won't cause any issues. However, the effects of extended exposure to these chemicals have not been studied.

Many of the "harmless" compounds are essential oils that Mane would have you believe won't cause health problems.  Some classes of compounds have known reproductive impacts and cause issues.  Many of these items are highly concentrated forms of items people have allergic reactions to like nuts and trees.