traffic Impacts

This Proposed Facility will Bring an Increase in Truck Traffic

As proposed, an estimated 40 trucks will enter and exit the site per day. That is up to 80 trips of a truck or tractor trailer coming through our town. This is in addition to the already congested areas through the center of town, and the intersection of Routes 53 and 202.

Previous questions from citizens have led Mane to say they will ‘encourage’ their third party logistics providers to exit the facility by making a right turn, directing traffic back up Route 53 to Route 10.  Mane’s attorney has stated that forcing a right turn out of the facility would not be an option.  

Aside from the noise and pollution of such trucks, this facility is a very short distance from our town's Teen Center (next to the 9-11 Memorial) with our town's youth walking and riding their bikes to and from the facility.  Increased truck traffic increases the risk of an accident.